Parking Area LED Lighting Conversion

Below are examples of Solid-State LED Lighting Conversion Projects

Caliber OpticsLED is an energy-efficient LED Lighting design, conversion and distribution company. An LED Lighting Conversion enhances quality of lighting, while drastically reducing energy consumption, reduce maintenance and labor costs. Simply by upgrading the lamps or fixtures. We offer Comprehensive, No-Obligation, Free Energy analyses with estimated ROI. Different entities offer incentives, in many areas across The Nation. We at Caliber OpticsLED assist with the acquisition of any incentives the particular project may qualify for.  We are an all-inclusive LED Lighting Conversion Company. 

Gymnasium LED Lighting Conversion 

Warehouse LED Lighting Conversion 

Municipal RGB Underpass LED Lighting Conversion

Hotel / Resort LED Lighting (Interior & Exterior)

Auto Dealership Showroom LED Conversion

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